selected works

Large Ensemble

dust returns to dust (2018) - orchestra

read by UMKC Orchestra (May 2018)

Chamber and Solo

Let your body soften… (breathe out) (2019 wip) - solo cello + electronics

For Matt Magerkurth

inosculation (2019 wip) - saxophone quartet

What I see now, is Lights and an Open door (2019 wip) - solo viola

in Fire by MoonLight (2018) - clarinet, violin, cello, piano

searching for shapes in the stars (2018) - amplified cello + percussion

Performed by Mariel Roberts and Matthew Gold

at the Walden Creative Musicians Retreat (June 2018)

in the absence of clouds (2018) - marimba duet

to mingle our sighs (2017) - violin + piano

Finalist in the 2019 UMKC Chamber Music Competition

Premiered by Samuel Huang and Drew Crane (March 2018)

impermanence (2017) - violin + cello

For Megan Kepley

Performed by Megan Kepley and Matt Magerkurth (April 2018)

Rev (2017, rev. 2018) - brass quintet

through the open window (2017) - flute, clarinet, bassoon, percussion

Abandoned Gardens (2017) - string quartet

2nd place in the Bela Rozsa Composition Competition

Performed by the University of Tulsa String Quartet (January 2017)


Passing trees, far and near (2018) - 8 part chamber choir

A storm turns the room dark (2018) - vocal octet, poem by Meghan Mohn

And love says, love--midnight to midnight, (2018) - SATB choir, poem by Meghan Mohn

Five Poems by ee cummings (2018) - tenor + pierrot ensemble (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano)

  • into the strenuous briefness

  • O sweet spontaneous

  • but the other

  • in Just-

  • spring omnipotent goddess Thou

Electronics and Multi-Media

mirror-eupepsia (2018) - text score for any number of instruments/voices and electronics processing

at Variance. (2018) - fixed media electronics, choreography by Tianna Morton

Performed by James Fenoglio, Makenna Dowling, and Sophi Henning

at the Mulberry Room in Kansas City (May 2018)

discrete (2017) - fixed media

Live electronics improvisation